Pg 4 Baby Pictures

They finally arrived. 03/18/2012. Some of these little guys will be on the ole barbie 9-12 months from now. Excuse me while I wipe the spittle from my chin. Oh dear I hope I didn't offend any vegans in the crowd. ( snicker, snicker) Shhhh! Not so loud! Babies scare easy.

They are the ones with the tails. I estimate, there are around eighty of the little buggers looking for their next meal. During the daylight hours I feed them about every hour with finely ground food that is specially formulated for growing out fry. I do not feed them at night.

Ain't they cute? It's hard to see here but, in the natural light they look like two little black eyeballs with tails.

Rather than use a conventional air pump in a bare aquarium, I have set up a regular recirculating aquarium pump that is drawing water from under the rocks. I placed a fiberglass window screen over an under gravel filter so the little guys could not become trapped under the filter or taken up by the umpeller in the pump. There is plenty enough splashing and mixing action to keep the water oxygenated.

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