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Today is March 31, 2012 I lost count at around 350 fry and that is really just a best guess. As it urns out I was lucky enough to catch a couple of small schools of fry in the outside tank before the aunts and uncles realized that free swimming sushi was on the menu that day. So the Honeymoon suite may not be needed next year at all. I am surprised though that no fry have made their way into the solids collector. I also have a safe zone made of net on a floating frame of PVC pipe that I thought any free swimming fry would make their way into for safety in the outside tank. But so far, none have found their way into it. I think today I will return the honeymooners to the outside tank and redecorate the honeymoon suite to a functional nursery for a month or so. I have an extra 120 Gallon stock tank in the fish house. So when the fry get too big for the aquarium I will transfer them to that tank. It is looking more and more like our breeding efforts are going to be successful. So this year we will have our first official harvest of fresh fish for the old barbie.

Babies Galore

And then there were more

This picture was taken yesterday. Momma laying more eggs. Caviar anyone?

She lays 6-10 at a time and dad is waiting just out of view to fertilize them. Then momma takes them up in her mouth immediately after he is done. This process was repeated over and over and lasted for about an hour.

Dad, swims in to do his thing. Momma is yelling: "Not so fast" as his wake stirs up the eggs and sends them flying around the nest for her to rescue.

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